Cool Links

These are just a few of my favorite websites, blogs and links...check them out, you might find some faves of your own!

This link to the PG Plate - the blog of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - makes me very happy to include here. First, and most importantly, because it combines the best of Post-Gazette food and dining stories, reporting and recipes and brings it all into today's online world via it's very own blog. If you want breaking food news, the PG Plate is the place to find it. Updated as stories happen, be sure to check it regularly

And second...Dinner Plan-it has been included in the Blog Roll of food bloggers the PG Plate follows. I am honored. Here's the link:   You will use this link often!


Simply Gourmet by Sherron Watson - Great recipes, great photography!

Kissing the Cook - Home cook friendly recipes, gourmet results!

Good Food Gourmet - all sorts of goodies to make from cookies to the grandest cakes ever!

Maja's Kitchen - Austrian pastries and foods to make you a very sweet friend.

101 Achievements -  The adventures of a husband and wife who challenge themselves to 101 new accomplishments/experiences each and every year.  Follow Jenn & Michael's adventures at:

The Culinary Couple - "Emily loves Nick and dark chocolate. Nick loves Emily and microbrews...."  Fun!

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