Sunday, February 2, 2014

Passion Fruit Blood Orange Ginger Fizz - A Valentine's Brunch Cocktail

Valentine's brunch anyone? Okay maybe the actual day is on a Friday this year, but who says you can't continue the lovebird celebration into Saturday, too? There's absolutely nothing wrong with a big romantic night on the town followed by the afterglow of an intimate brunch the next morning...WITH an appropriate cocktail!

What could be better in a cocktail created just for Cupid's favorite holiday but passion fruit? The name says it all. And what would play the supporting role better than the lush Valentine red juice of blood oranges? Makes for one gorgeous brunch cocktail for two, I'd say. 

Pump up the excitement with a little exotic green cardamom, a touch of lime, my favorite Hendricks gin and a little fresh sparkle of ginger beer and you have a pair of sexy cocktails to start your morning after with style.

Now that you have the brunch cocktail, get cracking on those dinner plans for the night before and don't forget the roses!

Passion Fruit Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

  • 1 passion fruit, cut in half lengthwise - found mine at Whole Foods
  • 1 blood orange, juiced - about 1/4 c. - yep, Whole Foods again! Have another one handy for the garnish
  • 2 green cardamom pods, I get mine at Penzey's in the Strip or if you don't live near a Penzey's, you can order from them online
  • 1/8 lime
  • 1/2 t. superfine sugar
  • 2 oz. Hendricks gin
  • ginger beer - I used Fever Tree

Scoop the pulp from one passion fruit half into a tin, set the other half aside. Add sugar, green cardamom pods and lime wedge and muddle until the pods are crushed and the lime is mush. 

Add the blood orange juice, stir and strain into another tin and add ice 3/4's of the way up. Cap, shake and strain again into  2 glasses. Top with ginger beer, scoop the seeds and pulp from the other passion fruit half and divide between the glasses, garnish with a blood orange wheel. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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