Sunday, October 12, 2014

Millie's Homemade Ice Cream - Maybe The Best CSA Ever!

Oh, how the excitement around home has been growing! CSA time was a l m o s t here! Not our farm CSA, that one is nearly at an end, I'm talkin' our ICE CREAM CSA!  And our first delivery came on Saturday. Let the celebration begin!

First, a little background. Our ice cream CSA is by Millie's Homemade Ice Cream right here in Pittsburgh. They use only the finest of local farm fresh eggs and cream to "create artisanal ice cream and sorbet that will fill your belly and warm your heart." That's according to Chad and Lauren, the talent behind the product that not only does what it promises, but soothes your soul at the same time. With ice cream!

Just like a perfect present in it's presentation, isn't it? Appropos.

Who is the talent behind the ice cream? None other than Chad Townsend, formerly the talented chef at Salt of the Earth in Garfield, and his lovely wife and business partner, Lauren. He brings his years of expertise in discovering combinations that are sometimes subtle nuances of gentle flavors or other times little (big) parties in your mouth. I'll be sharing the excitement of each flavor as the CSA weeks unroll.

Our inaugural Saturday CSA delivery was a gentle, beguiling little number of Lemon Verbena ice cream. You know we popped the lid and dug into the pint of soft green goodness the instant it was placed into our hands! Smooth, sweet, silky and lemony herbal notes danced and swayed gently in our mouths. 

It may look a little soft, but that's perfect tasting consistency to me!

We dreamed of running into the kitchen to whip up a batch of perfect shortbread cookies to accompany the deliciousness in front of us, but you KNOW we simply spooned and enjoyed it straight from the carton! And, when reason returned to our (ice cream cooled) fevered brains, plopped the pint into the freezer to finish off the next day. Still sans shortbread. Of course.

Where can you get your own Millie's Homemade Ice Cream? Especially since the CSA is long since filled up? Every Friday you can get your fill at the Livermore in East Liberty (124 S. Highland Avenue) by the cup or by the cone. In the meantime, I'll be by my front door on Saturdays (not so) patiently awaiting my precious pint of ice cream or sorbet to appear at my door. There may or may not already be a spoon in my hand when it gets here.

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