Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Corn Crabcakes

Double Corn Crabcakes

You know how sometimes a recipe just seems to drop into your lap?  Yup...happened to me last night.  I was rummaging around in the freezer and WHAM!  A pound container of jumbo lump crabmeat fell out of the freezer - narrowly missing my foot - and fell on the floor.  The plastic container broke into a couple of pieces so there was no putting that puppy back into the freezer.  Gosh darn...I'd HAVE to make something with crab!  I let it defrost in the fridge overnight and I winged a new crabcake using what I had on hand tonight.

You know corn and crab are just made for each other.  Instead of regular bread as part of the filler, I used cornbread - mmmm - why hadn't I thought of that before?!  For more sweetness and texture, I used a little corn, too.  If it had been summer, for sure I'd have used corn cut fresh off the cob, but it's cold weather out there....frozen was just fine, thank you very much.  For color I used some diced sweet red bell pepper and for heat - you know I like my heat - I used Kraft Hot n Spicy Mayo in place of regular mayo.  The sweet, lump crab was even sweeter with the corn and cornbread!  Frying just made them golden and corny and crunchy and totally scrumptious!  Yay crab catastrophe!  All accidents should turn out so deliciously.

  • 1 lb. jumbo lump crabmeat - MD or TX or LA or VA blue crab, please!
  • 3 T. Kraft Hot n Spicy mayo - if you don't have it, you can mix siracha & mayo to make your own OR you can use plain mayo - sigh
  • 2 T. red bell pepper, finely diced
  • 1 T. fresh parsley, minced
  • 1/4 C. corn kernels
  • 2/3 C. cornbread (you know I use gluten-free to make these gf - preferably Gluten Free Pantry brand or use regular cornbread if you don't have to worry about the gluten issue
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 1/2 t. Old Bay
  • 1 t. Worcestershire sauce

    Gently pick through crab to remove any errant cartilage or shell - don't break up those beautiful big lumps!  

    Add all the rest of the ingredients and mix gently, but thoroughly.  Again, keep those big lumps in one piece!  Form into 5 or 6 rounded cakes - pressing firmly together.

    Heat a skillet, add canola oil to about 1/4".  When oil is hot, gently place the crabcakes into the oil.  Brown on one side, gently turn to other side and fry until golden and crisp.

    Serve with wedges of lemon as is or serve on a bun....which I think is a waste of damned good crab!

    Enjoy!  I sure did. Print this post

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