Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to Do While Waiting for VOLT to Open...Shopping!

So….BEFORE we got to Baltimore, along the way we made a long awaited visit to Frederick, MD.  Why go to Frederick you ask?  Isn’t that where old Barbara Frietchie  once waved the Union flag from her window taunting the Rebs with, “Shoot if you must this old grey head, but spare our country’s flag!?”  Ballsy chick for a 94-year old in the Civil War days…heck for these days!  But I digress.  We planned way ahead and made reservations months ago at VOLT Restaurant – yep, Top Chef finalist, Bryan Voltaggio’s place! 

Our reservations were for noon so we had about an hour to explore the town before lunch.  I haven't been there since the 70's...WOW...has old Frederick ever changed!  Being a bedroom community of DC now, there are trendy restaurants and boutiques, chocolate shoppes, specialty cutlery stores, antique stores and even a pawn shop! 

Lebherz was the name of one cute little place with tall, gleaming, chrome-ish containers of infused olive oils and vinegars - over 40 varieties.  After tasting, take some home in whatever size bottle you wish. 

Vibrant Artwear was my bargain find store of the day!  Filled with unique creations at rock bottom prices, I found 80% cashmere/20% silk pashminas in beautifully colorful patterns - soft as, well, cashmere...duh.  I bought 3 -  red/wine hues, forest/spring green hues and purple/gold hues.  They were $5.99 each!  On top of that, I checked in on Yelp! and got a free pair of stud earrings to boot.  Score!

Vibrant Artwear Bargain Pashminas!

Kimber and I poked our noses into Retro-Metro where Kimber bought a brass knuckles meat tenderizer...handy for tenderizing meat and for self defense, lol.  I think she's going to tell you more about this one herself!

Tiara Day (and frankly, don't we ALL need a tiara day?!) was an interesting assortment of retro clothing with a HUGE collection of vintage jewelry and other gift items.  Fun owner, too!  We stopped at a few other places and....wait a minute!  It's time for lunch!  We hoofed it on over to VOLT.  Woo-hoo!
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